Stefano Zago - Another italian artist in Paris

Italian, from Padua, I moved to Paris in 2007. 
My travels to Padua and Veneto, places with  many artistic and affective ties, are however frequent.

Since my youth, drawing, painting and the study of the masters have been a real passion for me. 

A graduate architect in Venice, I decided to dedicate myself fully to drawing in all its forms, such as reportage, comics, illustration and graphic arts.
Frequenting the Parisian network of Urban Sketchers I discovered and drew assiduously on carnet, my unfailing companions of every trip.

Strong of many friendships and partnerships with artists and institutions, I prefer the artistic practice as a moment of encounter, exploiting my desire to share my knowledge about art.
For this reason I organize workshops and art history lessons associated with drawing.

Avid blogger, I collect materials and tell my experiences, my meetings and my discoveries of art and culture on the following websites:

My personal web page is where you can see my artworks.
You can buy them here:

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